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Loving Our Neighbors During COVID-19

City Church Family:

We are hoping to serve our Gainesville neighbors in at least two ways: by helping with deliveries and providing childcare. Presently we are building two databases/lists: a list of people who have needs in either areas, and a list of people willing to help meet these needs.

1. If you HAVE a need (for grocery/medical deliveries OR childcare), please let us know by sending an email to

You can also call the church at 352-587-2144 and leave a message.

When you send this note, please be as specific as possible as far as the nature of the need and when you need it. Be sure to include contact information that will allow us to get in touch with you quickly and efficiently.

2. If you have capacity to help MEET a need, you can begin by reaching out to people you already know (church folks, neighbors, colleagues, etc.) if you think they might have needs you can help meet. If they do - then help meet them!

3. If you have capacity but don't personally know of anyone you can help, let us know of your willingness to serve and we'll put you on our list! We will then reach out to you as needs arise if we believe you might be a good fit. Please be very specific with WHAT you want to help with and WHEN you could help (for example, which days and times you could help watch kids). Please include helpful contact information. You can send an email to or call 352-587-2144 and leave a message.

Let's love one another and our city well during this time! And let's be praying for the Lord to work in great power.

- Chipper