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About the Missions Committee

City Church Missions Committee

City Church desires to be and make disciples of Jesus Christ, and the missions committee shapes that desire through informing, equipping, engaging, and encouraging the congregation about God's international Kingdom.


Missions Committee Charter

 Values of the Missions Committee

Purpose Statement

  • City Church desires to “be and make disciples of Jesus Christ.” This statement shapes our desire to be engaged in both international missions and local evangelism/community engagement.
  • Missions committee is specifically intended to engage the congregation in God’s global kingdom, so the focus is international missions

Core Focus Areas

  • Church Planting
  • Bible Translation
  • Unreached People Groups

Geographical Focus

  • Unreached areas
  • Areas that we can more strategically reach from Florida (e.g. cost effective for travel, etc.)

 Framework of the Missions Committee

International Missions Budget Breakdown

  • 70% long-term partnerships
    • defined as missionaries with an intention for a 2+ year commitment for international ministry; no ties to the U.S.
    • could also be a translation project, people group, ministry project, etc. that has a 2+ year potential for partnership
  • 20% short-term missionaries
    • defined as exploratory missionaries with a less than 2 year commitment
    • could also be a translation project or ministry project with timeline shorter than 2 years
  • 10% discretionary funds
    • any opportunity, generally a one-time gift, that does not fit into the above two categories but is deemed by the committee to be worth supporting based on the values of our charter. Examples include:
      • one-time gifts for long-term missionaries’ projects or immediate needs
      • one-time gifts to those serving in missions but are not strictly “international ministry”
      • one-time gifts to organizations or projects we feel passionate about or have a relationship with

Whom Will We Send/Support?

  • Criteria for applicant:
    • Willing to have a relationship with City Church
    • Connected to City Church (regular attender or member) OR work aligns with previously listed core focus areas OR provide a strategic opportunity and partnership for CC to engage with
    • Working in international ministry (not domestic)
      • This includes those who leave the U.S. to do ministry (considered GOERS)
        • Can also include those doing ministry in their home country who are supported through the U.D.
      • This can include those who work exclusively with internationals though they might reside in the U.S. (considered WELCOMERS) but is up to committee’s discretion
      • This can include those who equip local believers to engage in international ministry (considered MOBILIZERS) but is up to committee’s discretion. This is not considered the priority.
    • Majority of long-term partners should be GOERS, not WELCOMERS or MOBILIZERS
    • Maximum of 1 partner per committee member
      • Purpose is to engage in relationship well with both the MC and the congregation
      • If the number of members decreases suddenly and puts us out of ratio, the priority should be recruiting new committee members, not eliminating partners.

 Member Requirements

  • All Missions Committee (MC) members are approved by the elders and operate underneath their oversight.
  • Church membership is preferred but not necessarily required.
  • MC Members should expect to attend monthly meetings
  • MC Members:
    • Love God
    • Love missions
    • Love to pray
    • Are effective at communicating with missionaries and elders
    • Have the bandwidth to serve on the MC
    • Preferably have previous missions experience of some kind

 Responsibilities of the Missions Committee


  • Evaluate partnership requests as they materialize
  • Give regularly to long-term and short-term partners
  • Pray regularly for long-term and short-term partners
  • Support long-term partners by sending a short-term team from our congregation to visit

 Congregation Engagement

(Informing congregation on our international involvement as a church)

  • Monthly missions focus at weekly prayer gathering
    • Currently the first Wednesday of each month is lead by one of the committee members
  • Segment of the monthly bulletin with most relevant updates
    • Prayer requests for partners, individuals in congregation, prayer requests for international event, etc.
  • Monthly Mission Spotlight during Sunday service
    • Currently the last Sunday of each month
    • Can be a guest speaker from a local organization or one of our partners, could be a plug for an event, could be a prayer activity, etc.


(Equipping congregation to be more actively involved in international ministry)

  • Annual Prayer Gathering
    • Is also an opportunity to educate congregation on the state of the world and the biblical basis for missions
  • Exploratory visits to nearby missions organizations (Pioneers, Wycliffe, Cru, etc.)
  • Identify opportunities for short-term trips
  • Identify, train, and send members of City Church into the mission field 


The Missions Committee

Emily Simmons, Chair
Chipper Flaniken
Esther Frackiewicz
Ben Kidd
Fraleigh Krause
Caitlin McDonald
Nico Mora
Dorian Rose



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