Join us this Sunday (5/16) at First Magnitude for our outdoor services at 9:00am and 10:45am! Children's programming is available during the 9am service. You can also watch our online service, which we post Sunday morning.

Children's Church Curriculum

*Special Note About Children's Ministry Duing COVID-19*

This fall and winter our Sunday Services will be held outside at First Magnitude Brewery due to COVID-19. Our 8:30am service is a Famiy Service that includes kids elements (like a children's message and a song), activities and prepackaged snacks. If you have any questions, please contact our Children's Ministry Director, Vickie Parker.

Please visit this page for additional information and weekly service updates.


“Children Desiring God: The ABC’s of God”

In the classroom for preschool through second-grade students, City Church's children's ministry uses a series entitled, "The ABCs of God." It is "a study for children on the greatness and worth of God." It uses the alphabet as a framework for learning the attributes of God and other terms that describe His character, at an age-appropriate level. (Note that attributes are purposefully not taught in alphabetical order.) Each lesson asks and answers three key questions, "Who is God?" "What is He like?" and "How should I act toward Him?" as it presents a theology of God for children. Through the use of a teaching aid called “The Blessing Box,” students will discover a new attribute of God each week and will be challenged to consider how they should respond to an amazing God who is worthy of their greatest love, honor, trust, and obedience.

Faith Alive: DWELL

Our preschool and primary (K-2nd) students also uses a curriculum called “DWELL,” which is “intentionally crafted as an ongoing journey in God’s story,” and builds from year to year (DWELL, 2018).

4th through 5th birthday preschoolers use a series entitled “DWELL: Play,” which is “based on 36 stories from Genesis through Acts” and is intended to lead teachers and students “on a joyful discovery of God’s love” (DWELL, 2018).

5th birthday through end of 2nd grade students going through the “DWELL: Imagine” curriculum, which encourages children and leaders to “pause to wonder… imagine… marvel… and dive into God’s story,” and then “live into and live out of it together” using Bible stories, sound theology, faith modeling, and the multiple intelligences to help different kinds of learners learn (DWELL, 2018).

“Children Desiring God: A Sure Foundation”

In the classroom for 12-month-olds through 3 years old, and in the nursery for newborns through 12-month-olds, City Church's children's ministry uses a series entitled "A Sure Foundation," which has pieces geared toward both babies and toddlers.

For babies, "The Fragrance of the Knowledge of Christ establishes the philosophy of ministering in infant nurseries and creates an environment centered on prayer for each baby." In addition, we read aloud the Baby Believer® board books on a rotating pattern.

Toddlers are taught weekly Bible stories, monthly memory verses, and ongoing truth statements about God’s character in Volume 1: His Praiseworthy Deeds and Volume 2: Set Their Hope in God  (Nelson, 2017).


Have questions or want more information? Visit the FAQ page or contact Vickie Parker, our Children's Ministry Director.