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2014-15 "Triple I" (iii) Ministry Campaign

At the Fall 2014 Vision Lunch, City Church unvelied its 2014-2015 ministry campaign. Our annual "ministry campaigns" consist of three focus areas that we believe City Church needs to make a special effort to pursue in the coming year. These focus areas primarily represent areas of growth that the Lord has called us to as a church community. All focus areas are intended to be relevant to everyone in the CIty Church community. Please prayerfully read through these three focus areas and intreact with the links we have proivded in order to see how the Lord might use you as we press into an important year of ministry.

All of the information presented below is permanently available on our 2014-15 Ministry Campaign Page.

City Church's 2014-15 Triple I (iii) Ministry Campaign

We are prayerfully encouraing everyone in the City Church community to be:

1. INVOLVED with the City Church community.

What: We are encouraging everyone in the CIty Church community to be involved with a Community Group OR to serve on a Ministry Team.

Why: We believe an important part of a Christian's growth includes deep community with other Christians and using his/her gifts to serve the body of Christ. Sunday morning worship is important, but it is only a portion of healthy Christian living. To learn more about the theological reasons to be INVOLVED Christians - check out our City Values.

2. INTERCEDING for those inside and outside of the City Church community.

What: We are encouraging everyone in the CIty Church community to:

  • Engage in faithful, corporate prayer with others in the City Church community at least once per month. We are encouraging this prayer to be an additional gathering beyond our Sunday morning services.
  • Faithfully pray for a "Top 5" list of people who are not a part of a church community.

Why: We believe that God works in great power when his people pray, especially when we pray for people to find new life in Christ. Indeed, great seasons of spiritual revival across the globe have always been accompanied by steadfast prayer. For more information about the importance of prayer, check out our CIty Values. "Top 5" bookmarks are available on the Welcome Table at our Sunday morning services.

3. INTERACTING with those outside of the City Church community.

What: We are encouraging everyone in the CIty Church community to

  • Intentionally invite one person per month to a Community Group, social event, service project, Sunday service, etc.
  • Meet the needs of downtown Gainesville and beyond by serving once per month in our city. This may mean addressing the need of a specific individual or working with an entity or organization in Gainesville to address a broader need. For more information about how City Church is serving our city and how you can join us, please visit our Serving Our CIty page.

Why: God has commissioned Christians to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to those who do not know him, and this includes intentionally interacting with those who are not part of church communities. Some of our inteaction will including expressing the gospel with our words, and some of our interaction will include addressing physical and emotional needs that exist in Gainesville. Check out our CIty Values page to learn more about the theological reasons for INTERACTING with those in the City of Gainesville and beyond.