Join us this Sunday (4/25) for our outdoor services at 9:00am and 10:45am at First Magnitude! Children's programming is available during the 9am service. You can also watch our online service, which we post early Sunday morning.

Ride a Bike to Church on Nov. 9

Get ready for our first annual "Ride a Bike to Church" Day!

On Sunday, November 9 we are encouraging the entire City Church community to ride a bike to church for our Sunday morning service. Why are we encouraging this? We're glad you asked!

  1. We are raising funds for "Created. Gainesville" | We are asking people who ride their bikes to church to donate an item or gift card to Created with the money they saved from not driving their cars (suggested donation = $5). This will help us meet the goals of our November Collections Drive benefitting Created Gainesville. For ideas on what items and gift cards to donate, check out this link (coming soon). All donations can be dropped off before and after our Sunday morning service.
  2. We are supporting the Downtown Arts Festival | The Downtown Arts Festival takes place on Nov. 8-9. Although the festival won't impact our parking situation or access to our venue, we still want to be good neighbors by riding our bikes and leaving as many spaces as possible open for those arriving later in the morning for the festival. And by the way - check out the festival after the service! Here's a map that will help you find your way around.
  3. We will enjoy a City Church bicycle ride after the service | After the service, those who ride bikes to the service are invited to join us on a leisurely bike ride from Jolie's down the Hawthorne Trail.

So ride a bike on the 9th! There will be a secure place inside the venue (on mezzanine level) to store your bike during the service!  If you don't have a bike - ask around to see if you can borrow someone's ride. For those of you who live far away from our Sunday morning venue or face other challenges that prevent you from biking - we certainly understand! In that case, consider throwing your bike in your car and joining us for our Hawthorne Trail Ride.