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Seven Principles of a Hospitable Community Group

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the inaugural "Coffee Shop" blog post! Can I get a shout out? 

At City Church we talk at length about being a hospitable church and how this hospitablity affects all aspects of our church life. This means, not surprisngly, that our community groups should be hospitable (warm, welcoming, etc.). In order to better describe what community group hospitality entails, City Church has adopted seven princples that we believe are the foundation of hosptiable community groups. There are surely more than seven principles, but these principles lie at the heart of what our community group aspire to be. Check them out below! And by the way, another blogger just gave us a shout out for this inagural post. You can see it here.

Seven Principles of a Hospitable Community Group

1. CGMs (Community Group Members) eat together during group and beyond

2. CGMs speak well of others in the group

3. CGMs speak respectfully of ideas/beliefs that are opposed to the Christian faith or to your personal views on any subject

4. CGMs are vulnerable with one another (humble enough to speak of struggles/doubts/sinfulness/need for a savior). This requires discernment!

5. CGMs speak openly about their needs, and other CGMs seek to meet them

6. CGMs are quick to listen. Don’t dominate a CG! (Caveat – if you are naturally quiet, you may actually need to speak up)

7. CGMs are welcoming to guests (we’re a family with open doors)